New blog and finally owning it

Time after time, I would remind myself to update my blog, but a busy (reads: lazy) woman like me is highly unable to obey such thought. Sadly, and yet again, I’ve abandoned my previous third blog and decided to start anew. All because of my  disinterest with its lacking of updates, thus, I had nothing to complain on the departure of my readers.

It’s not that I haven’t any topics in mind, no, I actually have tons. I always have. My problem is that I need to learn to be consistent, as well as persistent. So, here comes a new goal for this year – even though it’s almost the end of February – I wish to write a blog and keep it updated.

Or else my mum would say (in Malay), “hangat-hangat taik ayam je”.

I can do this. Bismillah.

This is your captain blogging,

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