LMFW: Furry Robe by Avyaana Abayah

Purposely let the picture above be the justice to my title (actually, the model captured my eyes the most). When I said furry robe, did you imagine those fluffy ones that you would want to be snuggling inside on Sunday morning? So, you’ve been fooled.


Avyaana Abayah‘s designs came second at the very particular show where I had sat on the front row, and I thought to myself, “perfect”. Because the designs made me want to look at the model from their heads to their toes. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some of the designs on my camera but nevertheless, I’m happy to have witnessed all the goods.

And would I buy any of them? Yes, I think some have caught my eyes.

Last but not least, the designer, Anosha A. walked the runway. One thing for sure, I would buy her dress.

Until next time then,

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