London Modest Fashion Week ’17

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London Modest Fashion Week (also known as LMFW) was definitely my long awaited and anticipated event ever since the beginning of this year. It happened at the same place as London Fashion Weekend, in Saatchi Gallery around Sloane Square, in which I have first went to back in 2015 (I wish I could link it, except that I’ve deactivated my previous blog platform). LMFW happened for 2 days of the weekend, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of February, and I went on the second day. If only I live in London, I would have gone for both days.

img_1358Designs by Avyaana Abayah need its own post, so please do check out more of their designs here.

img_1379-copyYou may also check out the fairytale look design by Sahee London, which was also my favourite, here.

untitled-2Such quirky designs, but I don’t think I could wear any of these outfits.

img_1430-copyFunny story of the day was that I’ve been eyeing that lady in the middle since I first sat on my seat. “She looks familiar”, I told my sister. So I papped her on my Instastory and I had lots of replies from my Malaysian friends telling me who she was. She turned out to be Dynas Mokhtar, a Malaysian actress and designer. She was so pretty, and I was too shy to ask for a picture with her. Well, no point regretting it now, is there?

untitled-1 img_1475-copy  untitled-3Dina Tokio‘s in the house. She’s so friendly, everyone wanted a selfie with her.

img_1644-copyMight not know who she was at first, but nevertheless I was proud to see a designer from back home.

img_1655-copy img_1699-copy img_1731-copy img_1757-copy With another designer from Malaysia,  Raja Nadia Sabrina who is the founder of Aere and whom I’ve been following on Instagram. She was also sitting across me on the opposite side and I had noticed her instantly.

untitled-1-copyLittle sister was in her most casual and comfortable outfit.

img_1791-copy untitled-4img_1800-copy

OOTD. Coat: H&M. Palazzo pants (present from a good friend of mine): Uniqlo by Hana Tajima. Bag: Fiorelli. Shoes: Office. Top: Limited Edition by M&S. Hijab: From a friend in Malaysia.

Sadly, I didn’t get to go to any of the talk shows due to the mission of finding foods instead. But congratulations on our first #LMFW, and thank you Haute Elan for being the major sponsor. I am already looking forward to the next one.

Until next time then,

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