Is it really spring now? I can’t believe we have gone through three months of 2017 already. I sort of wish time could slow down a little.  The next thing we know, we’re back to… View Full Post

When I’m in London, I’d go to a cafe and sit by the window, just so I’d watch people pass by – people watching, so you’d say. And I realised how much I like to… View Full Post

I found this cafe Bread Addiction while I was in Portsmouth. So, posting this is kind of hard to not choke on my own saliva-I mean, it’s so unfair how good cafe always have to… View Full Post

I am yet to try the other huge brand lip paints (ehem Kylie Kit), but these Girlactik matte lip paints are what I’d list as must-have-item-forever-in-your-life! I have two as of now, Demure (burgundish) &… View Full Post

I know, I know it’s March 2017 already but….OK, I’m late. If you know me, you know that I’d honestly read about anything, but my favourite genre has to be chick-lit, because this specific genre… View Full Post