Burberry Feb17: Kris Wu, who?

“Who are you girls waiting for?” Asked a man who happened to pass by the area.

It was on Monday the 20th February, at around four o’clock in the evening when there was already a throng of fans waited outside the Burberry’s Maker House at Manette Street, Soho, London. Some, I acknowledged, had been waiting for more than two hours. Meanwhile, my sister and I arrived at around three o’clock and we managed to get the front row spot in the ‘fans section’.

“Kris Wu.” One of the fans had answered him.

“Kris who?” The man asked again before he had heard the same girl replied, “A Chinese actor.” He then took his leave with an obvious clueless expression written on his face.

Well, it wasn’t his fault for not knowing one of the good looking Chinese man to ever exist. Ok, let’s not get too exaggerate, Ain.

So I’ve known Kris since 2011, when he debuted in EXO, a K-Pop boy band who had taken over the entire Asia even before they were debuted. I wasn’t a big fan of Kris then – in fact, at a time, I had strongly disliked him for some reasons that I couldn’t say. As time past, I grew to like his sense of fashion. Those was as close as I could get to like the guy, at the time. Nevertheless, I was still upset when he had left EXO in 2014.

I’ve only heard about him again in early 2016. I’ve heard that he’s been doing well, that he has been involving himself in acting and modelling. Then, I think it was early this year that I’ve found out that he was appointed to be an ambassador of Burberry. I, unexpectedly was happy for him, and actually proud of what he had become. It was like finding out about my long lost love, except that I don’t even know him, never mind loving him (even as a fan). Then it hit me, what if I have been in denial about him for all these years? I’d be damned if I know him in real life, I thought. You know you’re getting old, when fangirling over someone who doesn’t even know you’re exist becomes so bad that you ought to slap yourself with a rounders bat.

Kris Wu arrived at the Burberry’s Maker House at around twenty minutes to seven o’clock. His arrival was defined by screaming fans, and some actually wept at the sight of him. While I, was left starstruck by his appearance. I think I was slightly giddy but most certainly the quietest amongst all. Screaming is not my thing. You put me on a roller-coaster and I’d bet you that I won’t make a sound throughout the ride. I’d win.

How should I put it? Kris is better looking in real life than I thought he’d be. He’s also nicer than I thought he’d be. He seemed genuinely thoughtful of his fans, which I’m so glad. Despite his poker face, he waved as he stood there trying to admire every each and one of his screaming fans behind the barrier.

Finally, he got himself into the building, before saluting and waving for the tenth times.

As the clock struck half past seven, assuming that the Burberry Show had started, we then waited.

Soon enough, the guests and VIPs came out of the building again. Most of them walked past so fast, and some had even requested to be picked up right in front of the entrance.

Then, there was Kris.

He came out, took his time walking and waving at his fans again.

At one point, he stopped. Not exactly right in front of me, but visible enough for me to see him up close. I don’t know why he had stopped and though he looks like he’s talking to the bodyguard in front of me, I was pretty sure that the bodyguard didn’t say a word. He was then probably being told to move along. There was a car coming through behind him after all. For a second there I thought he was looking at me, but I might have imagined it.

krwNone of the pictures I have of him turned out like I wanted to, and this is probably the most acceptable, even though it’s still  pretty much blurry. As soon as I posted this picture of him on my Twitter and Instagram, I had instantly received jealous comments. Girls, I’m sorry, but I do wish you could see him too!

At the end of the day, all I can say is that, he is gorgeous. He knew all those screams were for him, it might have made him seems a little egocentric, but gorgeous nevertheless. Damn you and your majestic glorious charm, Wu Yifan (his Chinese name is actually cuter).


*I have no idea who I should credit this picture to, but it’s not mine

He was wearing Burberry from head to toe, obviously.

Honestly, I’m interested in his whole outfit (Burberry is my style), but that was a total of £3,275 on him. That would be my wage for a year (ok, I’m bluffing, but a girl gotta save up for foods and make up and clothes but not as expensive as Kris’ outfits, and more foods).

Actually I’m saving up for my study in the future. So, yes.

This DK88 luggage bag, though. OMG.

Well then, Kris. See you whenever I see you again. Who knows, I may get to work with you in the future. Ok, too far ahead, Ain. Back to reality now.

Until next time then,

P.S this post has been sitting in the draft for more than a week.


  1. Tqa London March 5, 2017 / 12:16 am

    The first gif:
    I hope there’s a bunch (read: hundreds) of other girls with cameras around you so I won’t assume he’s waving at you.

    *dreamy sigh*

    Imagine going you’re going on a date with him and he’s waiting for you at the other side of the road and wave like that as soon as he saw you… damn Yifan!

    Such a close encounter. Same like my unexpected luck with Lee Kwang Soo. And that last gif:
    Also hoping there’s someone super ugly behind you thag caught his attention for that (super heart-palpitation) 0.3 second eye contact.

    I hate you.

    • captaineverland March 6, 2017 / 11:53 am

      Oh, Tqa. Hahaa.

      Yeah, I’d let you imagine that.

      Besides, he couldn’t be possibly looking at me. Don’t worry! Lol.

    • captaineverland May 9, 2017 / 2:30 pm

      I’ve been to a few premieres but this was still an exciting experience indeed. Aha, I doubt you had, unless you’re a fan of K-Pop. Yes, he has quite a unique sense in fashion. Thank you for your comment! xx

    • captaineverland March 28, 2018 / 4:06 pm

      I have to admit, he is good looking. Aha, tell me about it. Thank you hun! 🙂

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