An Outfit That I’d Live In


When I’m in London, I’d go to a cafe and sit by the window, just so I’d watch people pass by – people watching, so you’d say. And I realised how much I like to observe people’s choice of clothing. Like, when I see a woman with an extremely high pair of heels and wonder if she’s OK walking in those. Was she forced by her own choice or had she no problem at all? Or when I see a Hijabi with such unique fashion style, I’d feel like running after her and ask for her Instagram. A man who knows how to dress also intrigued me in so many ways.


Knitted jumper: Pull&Bear (men’s). Trousers: Bershka . Shoes: Converse


In the past two weeks, I’ve made time for my younger brother by tagging him to a dance studio, to mentor his dance practices. At the beginning, I wore something really nice so I’d take selfies and pictures (yeah I’m that desperate for some nice OOTDs nowadays), but dressing up can be a hassle when your job is really to watch a teenager moving about. So at the end, I just wore whatever I’d find most comfortable in; a knitted jumper (while knitted jumper looks better when it’s the exact size of your body, I like mine to be oversized so I tend to buy from men’s section), a pair of comfortable trousers (this pinstripe trousers is actually a pair of joggers so they have an elastic waistband, oh yes to stretchy waistband), a pair of Converse and a scarf bearing the laziest style ever.

This outfit won’t settle for summer though. Well, unless I want to drench myself in sweats…

ain03I can’t even remember how I’d styled my scarf, that was how quick I’d whipped it around my head. Mind you, I don’t normally wear it like this either, yet I had find it comfortable enough.

What’s your most relaxed outfit?

May you think of happy thoughts always,

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