Dear Bapak, Lately, I’ve found myself crying in my prayers because of you. The fact that you’re only getting older, yet, you have never stopped worrying and continuously working so hard for us. How lucky… View Full Post

As of this year, last month was the time when I’d definitely read most books in a month so far. The amount of four books were pretty much a success for me. I mean, I… View Full Post

Dear Aleef, It’s funny how we’re so much alike, except that I’m much cooler than you. I can’t believe you’re almost through the first year of college now. I still remember your first day of… View Full Post

So, I was tempted. Not by any bloggers or anyone, but, by its packaging. Yes, you’ve heard it right. I bought it because of that expensive looking matte tube. What’s wrong with me, I did… View Full Post

Dear a long lost friend, I was thinking about my childhood and of course, you had come crawling from the back of my mind; you were one of my earliest friends during the first ten… View Full Post