Dear Best Friend


Dear Iba,

You, despite being younger, who loves to bully and annoy the hell out of me,

Who knows what I’d eat just as long as they’re edible to me,

Who knows what type of clothes, shoes and things I’d buy, oh the jolly!

You, who I love spending on but stop me from getting broke and get told off by our dearest mother,

Who knows what type of guy I’d fall for (I assume you do but you’re a terrible matchmaker),

Who knows which K-pop rookies I’d instantly adore,

You, who knows what type of songs I’d listen to,

Who knows what type of movies I’d watch,

And what type of books I’d read,

You, who knows how to read my mind despite being subconscious about it,

Who knows my all flaws (I still think I’m funny),

Who I have laughed with the hardest,

Who I might have hurt and argue with the most,

Who I can easily dislike but would never abandon,

And despite how cringey this may sound, I had trust Him for giving me a sister whom I could call my best friend.

May I always live to be the best person you would ever know,
Your one and only older sister

P.S. you’re still nasty.

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