Dear You Who I’ve Drifted From

Dear you, who I’ll always find wonderful regardless to what I’m about to write,

I wasn’t joking when I said you’re the best friend anyone could ever have. You’re beautiful, kind, funny and never failed to amaze me every time. We hit it off great, and we were so great together that I wonder how we managed to fall apart. Though honestly, we are actually different in quite many ways.

I admit, I’m a mess when I’m stress but I’m only persistent over things that involve someone I care deeply about, and I care about you. I acted the way I acted because I didn’t know how to defend you anymore. So I said everything was my fault, and you didn’t disagree. Deep down, I know that our friendship had already broken.

I hope you’ll take care of my secrets.
I don’t regret knowing you. Not ever.

Thank you for loving me once,

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