Dear You Who I Wish I Know In Real Life

To: Wu Yifan

When I first saw you on the screen, I had a really weird instinct as if I’d have known you in real life before. Call me crazy but I’d disliked you almost instantly then. While it is not really a great idea to compare myself with a man, but you do remind me of me – personality wise, that is. How unfair, you may say. I could barely like myself in the first place, so forgive me for disliking you on my most personal basis, which is the fact that I had seen myself in you.

Though I can’t ever visually compare myself to you (especially not after I’ve witnessed your face in reality. Those girls really weren’t screaming their lungs out for nothing. And I definitely wouldn’t want to be standing next to you), however I’d say we both have a fascinating sense in fashion.

If by chance we would ever meet each other properly, you may beg to differ any of my views about you. After all, I think I’d gotten to know you a lot more than I’d liked, but the thing is, I probably don’t know you at all. Perhaps, there’s a considerable chance that we might have been enemies in previous life, or maybe best friends? Come of it, we were born in the same year and I’m not far off a little older than you. In spite of my hostility against you, I have a feeling that we’d get along after all. Hence, you’ve made me wonder about what it would be like to make you as an acquaintance – if the day would ever come.

Honestly though, you’re not that bad.

Sincerely your frenemy from the past life,
Ain S.B.

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