Cousins Came To Visit

I have not been neglecting my blog, I swear.

I had just been a little occupied for the past week. Two of my cousins came exactly this time around last week and they had just gone back to Malaysia two days ago. It was a last minute plan, and it’s a good thing that I had no crucial plans within the time they were here. The only plan I had was going to London Muslim Lifestyle Show, in which happened last Sunday. All that being said though, I’m excited that I’ll have something to write and tell you guys about what I’ve been doing for the past week.

They’re cousins from Mum’s side, and the last time I’d seen them was around ten years ago. It’s so good to see them again, of course! Only that it’s weird to think that one is married and another is getting married in July. Honestly, the time when we were little, playing around and having sleepover still feels like yesterday.

Anyway, we’d stopped at Bicester Village while on the way to London.

IMG_3376 copyMy outfit of the day; button up top and pants from Bershka,  Mickey Mouse top from Primark. Was also wearing my new satin scarf – bought and brought by the cousins all the way from Malaysia, and I love them (there are more colours)!

20170414_173606 copy
IMG_3467 copy
Yes, they’re twins.

20170414_173635 copy
With the oldest, Nana.

IMG_3414 copy
With the youngest, Yaya.

20170414_175134 copyL’Orchidee’s ice cream macaron. Quite nice, despite the price (£4.85 each). And nothing beats pistachio ice cream.

Despite being a place where you’d need to have a large amount of money to shop there, I do like it for its setting. Going there during spring is even better.

I remember the last time I went, they had a tree of red roses.


Now I’m off to continue writing the rest of my open letters that still need to be written down. I’m not sure if I’ve failed since I haven’t exactly doing it continuously within two weeks time, but I haven’t given up on it at the very least.

May you have happy thoughts always,

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