Dear First Love

Dear H,

I’ve liked you as soon as I first laid my eyes on you. They say it was love at first sight. I think it was just your dimples. I was beyond attracted to them. As usual, no one would take notice of me the first time, but you did. You smiled at me, showing off that dimples of yours. Time after time I’d still say, screw you, dimples.

Although we looked like we know what we were doing but now that I think about it, we were too young then – to even know the meaning of love. We were eleven. Even if we went to the same high school, I doubted that we’d still be in touch nowadays.

H, it has been fifteen years, and I do hope you’re living a good life. If you’re married, I hope it is to a woman that you deserved. If not, I hope you’d find someone who would love you the way you are.

Most of all stay well and happy, my first love.

Yours truly,

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