Dear Crush

Dear C,

I’ll not hide the fact that I am smitten by your look (and your bad boy vibe, though you weren’t supposed to know this). Your personalities aren’t always great in my eyes (that has to be said because you can be such jerk sometimes), but deep down, I think you’d make the best boyfriend because you’re such a caring guy. Seeing how you love your mother and sister dearly, how you respect elders and how you treat kids like they’re all your siblings, I figured those are the things that cannot make me hate you no matter what.

That thing you do with your hands when you’re singing or laughing, I can’t seem to get rid of it from my head and it’s contagious because I’d do it involuntarily sometimes and think of you—how annoying. Your jokes are very prank-ish, I am so close to hate you, but then you’d turn all soft and all gorgeous again. God, I really do like you.

You don’t know this but I had dreamt about you once. I couldn’t exactly recall what it was about, but you were just there. What it could possibly mean, I wonder. Though, I see no point in pondering about it because you’re out of my reach.

C, I know you will never be mine and I’m OK with that.

Yours truly,

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