Dear Person From My Childhood

Dear a long lost friend,

I was thinking about my childhood and of course, you had come crawling from the back of my mind; you were one of my earliest friends during the first ten years of my life after all. Although I would sound really mean by saying this, but, you were the worst friend I’ve ever had.

We were the same age but it’d always seemed that you were a lot more matured than me. By matured, I mean bossy and think you know everything. You did like to control me. You pretended to be overprotective of me. Though because of you, I couldn’t get to be friend with anyone else when you were around me because you threatened to tell my ‘secrets’ if I have any other friends other than you. The ten year old me was scared of the ten year old you.

The thing is, the seven year old me realised that it wasn’t easy for you to make friends; hence I had stayed as your friend ever since then. To leave you would have been unkind of me. Well, I might have been a little fool, but I’d rest assure to know that I was never a bully.

Nevertheless of everything that I had gone through, you had taught me lessons. So I thank you for that.

 Wishes you are better now than before,

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