Dear Little Brother

Dear Aleef,

It’s funny how we’re so much alike, except that I’m much cooler than you.

I can’t believe you’re almost through the first year of college now. I still remember your first day of high school – you were still shorter than me then. I still remember the first time I taught and encouraged you to dance – you were nine then. I still remember your first day of school, poor Mrs Rogers for all that tantrum you threw on her – you were four then. Heck, I even remember the time I was jumping around with Iba in the hospital, while waiting for Mum to give birth to you.

Well, believe it or not, I love being your older sister. Mainly because you’re a great brother. A little bit boring, but great, nevertheless. Oh, except when you let your temper got the best of you. I hope you won’t be as temperamental when you’ve reached adulthood. I’d like to think that your bad temper is caused by the stress that you’re going through during your teenage years as of now. Man, I have so many things to say to you, but weirdly enough, none that I’d bring up from the top of my mind at this very moment. That’s OK, I’ll just tell you the next time you want to hear another lecture from me.

One thing though, please keep in mind that I’ve never told you lie. If I said that you’re doing OK, it means that you’re actually doing great. That being said, I just wanted you to do better because I know you can do better. Life won’t always be easy to go by, so I want you to always be prepared for the worst. I believe in the good in you. And you best believe that I will always be there – in front of you, side by side and behind you. Always. You won’t be able to get rid of me that easily, you know?

Your awesome Kakak

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