Dear Mum & Dad

Dear Bapak,
Lately, I’ve found myself crying in my prayers because of you. The fact that you’re only getting older, yet, you have never stopped worrying and continuously working so hard for us. How lucky we are to have you.

For taking care of us all, thank you. For understanding and always supporting us with encouraging words, thank you. For always wanting to give us the very best, thank you. It is no doubt that you’re the best father the three of us could ever have, and we wouldn’t want to swap you with any other men even if we’re given another lifetime.

I’ll continue to pray for your good health and for you to be given a long life, one that you’re absolutely deserved. InshaAllah. You’re my superhero, after all.

Dear Ibu,
You can be pretty judgemental, but you have the kindest heart. You can be insensitive, but you care the most. You are also weirdly wonderful and I absolutely love you for it. After all, you’re the one who doesn’t want me to get married just so I’d still live with you. After twenty six and half years and you still want me around? Well, only you would. Thank you, Ibu.

God knows how your heart is, every time you’re worrying for us. If I was to write this letter twelve years ago, it would have filled with all kind of rants because I wouldn’t have known how to appreciate what you were telling me then. Now, I know. They say “a mother’s heart is always with her children”. Everything that you did, you did it for us. Oh Ibu, we owe you everything.

I am scared to make any promises, but, I promise that one day I will give you the happiness that you perfectly deserved. That day will come, InshaAllah. Thank you, Ibu.

Dear Bapak and Ibu,
Thank you for everything that you both have taught me. I wouldn’t be the sensible person I am if it wasn’t for both of you. For not being a bully, for not being a racist, for not being a judgemental person, for knowing how to appreciate, for knowing how to love, for knowing how to differentiate the good and the bad – I’d proudly tell everyone that I was raised by an amazing couple. There is no word that could spell out my sole love for both of you. My love for you both is for eternity.

Thank you for everything.

Your eldest one,

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