Can you believe it, spring is going to leave us in less than a month? And it’s Ramadan season for us Muslims again. Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim readers! Anyway, this post takes me… View Full Post

It has been quite a while since the four of us got together, until two Wednesdays ago.  Meryl were back in Stoke and the rest of us finally had a day off on the same… View Full Post

So, I was nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely Susanne. I’ve heard about this award but had never gotten a nomination before. So, thank you Susanne! For those who doesn’t know about this,… View Full Post

“Here comes another Mental Health Awareness Week.” I thought to myself a week ago. I’ve secretly read everyone’s problems. Even commented on some. Then finally, I’ve decided. This time around, I won’t let it just… View Full Post

This post takes me back to almost half a year ago, autumn only started then. I realized I haven’t blogged about this and to not talk about it seems like a waste. I mean, I… View Full Post