A Day Out With The BFF

It has been quite a while since the four of us got together, until two Wednesdays ago.  Meryl were back in Stoke and the rest of us finally had a day off on the same day. Like finally – only took us half a year later to meet again.

20170503_142007We had our brunch in Trentham Garden Centre. I had a salmon and crab pie, with roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese. The pie wasn’t the best I’ve had, but oh well.

Trentham Garden Centre is not just a big place to get your garden needs or most flowers you can name of, hence it’s not a bad place for us group of mid 20s to hang in–OK honestly, we have nowhere else to go in the city other than the town centre.

20170503_150216If you haven’t been following my Instagram, I introduce you three of my bestest friends, Chris, Meryl and Saida.

Chris were being such a diva that day but I guess I would too if I had lost so much weight within a year. I know how much hardships he had gone through to have his current body and we couldn’t be prouder. As long as you’re happy, Chris.

We then went to Brown and Green, a shop that sells local, artisan and ethical foods. I love the shop despite the over-expensive charge for most of the stuff in there – for example, you’d probably get three apples in other supermarkets for the price of one in Brown & Green.

20170503_163346 copy
20170503_163343 copyTwo hours later, our (minus Chris) stomachs were starting to crave for some desserts. So, we stopped by the new cafe in town called Sweet. There we have a new spot to hang in. Honestly, our town isn’t that bad anymore. We have two cinemas around, new restaurants (if only they would make Nando’s Halal) and a new fancy cafe that actually made me feel like I’m in London. I shouldn’t be complaining really.

20170503_170052 copy
I’ve been to the cafe 3 times and I’ve tried their waffle and crepe so this time around, I went for their hot cookie dough. I ordered the ‘Collision’ – mix of white, milk and brownie cookie dough. It came in a hot skillet and a scoop of vanilla gelato on the side. It was really nice but by the time I had eaten half of it, I was already full (definitely sharing it next time).

 I do hope we can have a day trip to London one day or perhaps, a weekend out of town or something. Nevertheless, it was a really nice day out and it’s been a good laugh. I recorded a video log of the day and I hope I’ll be able to have time to edit the clips soon.

Oh, special thanks to Meryl for being our chauffeur throughout the day. Love you!

Thank you for reading this post.
May you have happy thoughts always,


    • captaineverland May 29, 2017 / 4:23 pm

      I love the interior decor too, makes me feel like I’m in London! I’m fasting at the moment so looking at this post makes me hungry as well, haha! xx

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