Ok la, Ain blog dalam Bahasa Melayu la untuk post kali ni. Rindu jugak sebenarnya nak tulis dalam B.M. Memang dulu Ain tulis blog dalam Bahasa Melayu kan, tapi ada kawan-kawan disini yang complain diorang… View Full Post

I didn’t get to read much last month but I managed to grab two books out of my TBR pile, so that’s better than nothing, right? Ahh, so many books to read, so little time.… View Full Post

As promised in this entry, here is where I post and talk more about Crosstown Doughnuts. It is situated along Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London. It’s only a narrow, little cafe, yet the attraction is… View Full Post

Dear readers, On top of your head, if a genie comes to fulfil ONE wish for you right now, what would it be? I woke up this morning, sitting quietly in my bed since I… View Full Post