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Aere (pronounced as Air-ree) is another well-known brand in Malaysia. I met its founder Raja Nadia Sabrina at last year’s London Modest Fashion Week, and at that time, she was just a watcher. But at this year’s LMFW, she was ecstatic to have her first show shown at the runway.

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I’ve been observing the brand and I am quite familiar with her fondness towards ruffles and asymmetric style for her designs. Though for Aere’s latest collection, I’m surprised to see glitter – not a speck of it, but a full on glittery outfits were coming in action. I have to say glitter is not my style, but they’re really nice to look at!

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How cute was her expression as she walked down the runway with her last model?

I congratulated her after the show and although she looked exhausted, I could tell that she was contented.

Website: We Are Aere

Instagram: @aere




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