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Mimpi Kita; Our Dream

Mimpikita is a renowned brand from my home country, Malaysia (yes, that’s how I quite easily know what ‘Mimpikita’ means). It was founded by three sisters and successful as they are, Mimpikita first ever show in London had already happened back in September 2015, at none other than the London Fashion Week.

Although I haven’t been following the brand since its early days, I have heard about how classy it is. And the people ain’t talking lies.

Shown at LMFW runway that was happening last week was their latest collection for AW18:

IMG_2897 copyIMG_2901 copy

I thought I wouldn’t like the print but I love them. The kimono screamed versatile all over it.

IMG_2909 copyIMG_2915 copyIMG_2919 copyIMG_2922 copyIMG_2925 copy

The embellished pins would probably made you think twice to have the dresses washed or dry cleaned, but the collection is however, almost perfect. And from basic to haute couture, Mimpikita could do it all!

Website: Mimpikita
Instagram: @mimpi_kita

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