LMFW; Urang Benua by Vivi Zubedi

Truthfully, I have never heard of Vivi Zubedi until I recently seen the highlights for New York Fashion Week, just few days before LMFW, and found out that she was one of the participated designers for NYFW. To have your designs being presented in front of the big league fashion enthusiasts in New York ought to be a big deal. So, when I sat myself front row at LMFW last Saturday, I was very much excited to see her latest collection ‘Urang Benua’.

IMG_3413 copyIMG_3416 copyIMG_3418 copyIMG_3423 copyIMG_3425 copyIMG_3427 copyIMG_3428 copyIMG_3435 copy

Though the dresses are unlikely to be my style, they’re very unique and beautiful in their own way. The only thing mattered to me at the time was the velvet jumper. Oh, the velvet jumper is my style, alright!

Website: Vivi Zubedi
Instagram: @vivizubedi

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