I was at work, the first time I heard about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement; it was December last year. When they had announced their wedding date, 19th of May 2018 felt ages away… View Full Post

I remember when I was in school, my non-Muslim friends often asked me silly questions about fasting. Well I figured they were just clueless, but then they asked again the next year and the next… View Full Post

[ This post contains major spoilers, make a u-turn while you can ] If you haven’t watched Infinity War but are ok with spoilers, you may stay if you want. If you have watched Infinity… View Full Post

I’m honestly quite disappointed in myself, at the fact that I’ve been neglecting my What I’ve Read Last Month series. The thing is, I’ve been busy but I’ve actually been reading. I just really need to… View Full Post