August Favourites


So, another month has just gone…but I’m actually excited to talk about my favourites from August!

B. Glowing Booster from Superdrug

This is currently one of my favourite skincare products. The first few days after I’ve tried it, I could already see the result. I like how the liquid looks magically luminescent, isn’t sticky, sipped through the skin really fast, and most importantly, I think it lives up to its name because it does make my face glows a little. I was not familiar with the brand, but because there was a 2 for 1 offer, I just randomly bought it along with the product below.

B. Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz from Superdrug

My friend recommended me this face mist, and I trusted her despite of hearing about the brand for the first time. And now I thank her for introducing me to one of the best skincare brands there are (B skincare is also vegan and cruelty free). This face spritz is now my favourite after Mario Badescu’s rose water & aloe herbs facial spray. Unlike Mario Badescu’s though, this one tends to make my face looks really dewy after I’ve sprayed it over, and would somehow makes it look as if I’m wearing make up when I’m not. Very convenient when I’m in my lazy mood.

Ceramic massage tool

This is actually my sister’s, but because I’ve been eyeing it every time she was massaging her face with it, she then gave it to me (only because she’s found a better one, aha). But yes, this thing has also made it as one of my favourites for last month because it has been really good for my face. I used it for 10-15 minutes every session to get a lifted, glowing and healthy face. This was from YesStyle.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Choca-Latte

Oh, for a chocolate and coffee lover, this bar is heaven! There’s a bit of milk chocolate, coffee cream and digestive biscuits in the ingredients. Too good, I’m telling ya! So, it was supposedly to be just a temporary flavour, but the inventor has won (congratulations to Callum Clogher – whoever you are, you’re brilliant) and now I don’t have to worry about how many to stock up in case they would stop producing it!

TV Show: Criminal Minds

Detective shows/movies has always been my favourite since I was a teenager. Although it could get a bit gruesome in some of the episodes, I love watching Criminal Minds because I like how they actually shows how and why the perpetrators did what they did. It’s a really good series and I’m now on season 8. And also, I love all of the casts.

App: Migraine Buddy

This app is so useful as I can document and keep track on every time I had migraines. And it is by far, most detailed app for health that I’ve found yet. It also gives you cute messages like “hope you feel better soon!” and “you’ve been attack-free for (how many hours since I last had migraine)”.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my favourite things from last month. And I wish you’ll have a good September!

May you have happy thoughts always,