Farewell, Old Posts

Hello everyone,

If you’re reading this, I thank you for you have been a loyal reader of CAPTAINEVERLAND and successfully entered my fresh new blog.

Why is this a fresh new blog, you ask? Well, to me it is. Sadly, I’ve lost my old posts while transferring my domain account to another host. Even though I’ve been blogging for so many years, yet I managed to make a silly mistakes such as not exporting my posts before I started on a new platform. I didn’t realised what I did wrong at first, and I’ve tried to ask for help here and there until finally I’ve found the answer – and that ladies & gentleman shows you that I’m a flawed human being and still have so many things to learn about.

Well, what’s gone is gone.

Then again, I’ve been a little distant from the social medias for the past year. Been busy with work, life and everything else in regards to the ‘reality’. I did go for little trips and attend some events that supposed to make me enjoy life a bit more, but sometimes, there’s a certain limit that we’ve reached in life that could make us crawl to the dark end and stay there for some time until we’re ready to walk back out. I think most of you would know what that means. But life is life, and the only thing to survive it is to get up and go on.

Anyway, I’ll soon be back again with exciting contents. There are so many things and topics that I’ve wanted to tell you guys about!

May you think of happy thoughts always, Ain xx