Trip To // Brockhole, Lake District


Continuing from this post, we’ve finally come to the last part of my summer trip 2018 to the Lake District.

Above is my favourite picture from the trip. We were on our way to our next destination, Brockhole on Windermere. The sight was breathtaking and again, my picture couldn’t do the justice. But in my opinion, this image sums up Lake District.

So, after we’ve had our fun in Aira Force, Dad drove us to Brockhole – a visitor centre that offers plenty of activities for adults and kids.

I could already felt the excitement as we’ve arrived. Upon the entrance, the Tree Top Trek was first to be seen, as it was near the car park.

There were lots of activities to choose from kayak tours, laser clay hunting, archery, zip-lining from the treetop trek and many more.

And the activity that I’ve made appointment for (the one that I’ve mentioned in previous posts of the trip) was archery!

Archery is one of my favourite sports, despite the lack of practices. I’d get excited every time I hold the bow in my hands. Sad to say that I couldn’t find a training place for it in my local town (the closest to me is about forty minutes away). So, when I found out about archery being one of the activities in Brockhole, I just had to book it. The price for an hour was £11. And we had an instructor guiding us during the session.

William Gaddum and Edith Potter (cousin of the famous writer and illustrator, Beatrix Potter) used to live in the house above for almost 50 years. I didn’t get to make a proper visit of the house as the park was near its closing time, but it was beautiful from afar.

Even though it was a short visit, we had a really fun time at the park. I’ll be looking forward to visit it again in the near future. Perhaps, I’ll be involving in some water activities next time (to conquer my fear).

So, that was all from my summer trip 2018. I’m definitely missing it right now. Well, until next time, Lake District.

Just one question, how would you like to live in Lake District?

Thank you for reading!

May you have happy thoughts always,