It’s getting rather chilly here in the West Midlands. I couldn’t sleep that night when Storm Ophelia was sweeping passed by. She was a fierce one. Heard that the weather is going to be even… View Full Post

On the 25th of last month, I turned 27. Blimey, am I really 27 years old now (it’s still hard to believe, the fact that I’m now in my late twenties)? It’s just hard to… View Full Post

Ok la, Ain blog dalam Bahasa Melayu la untuk post kali ni. Rindu jugak sebenarnya nak tulis dalam B.M. Memang dulu Ain tulis blog dalam Bahasa Melayu kan, tapi ada kawan-kawan disini yang complain diorang… View Full Post

Whitstable is fair to say, my favourite little village that I have been to so far. Located by the seaside in Canterbury, Kent – it is really quite cosy. Dad introduced Whitstable to us as… View Full Post

I have not been neglecting my blog, I swear. I had just been a little occupied for the past week. Two of my cousins came exactly this time around last week and they had just… View Full Post