Aere (pronounced as Air-ree) is another well-known brand in Malaysia. I met its founder Raja Nadia Sabrina at last year’s London Modest Fashion Week, and at that time, she was just a watcher. But at… View Full Post

Mimpi Kita; Our Dream Mimpikita is a renowned brand from my home country, Malaysia (yes, that’s how I quite easily know what ‘Mimpikita’ means). It was founded by three sisters and successful as they are, Mimpikita… View Full Post

The first show to be shown down the runway for London Modest Fashion Week 2018 was by a fashion designer from Oman, Amal Al Raisi. It was quite a flawless start because her dresses and kaftans… View Full Post

So, someone DM’ed me on Instagram few days ago, asking me “what is London Modest Fashion Week?” Well, it’s exactly like London Fashion Week (LFW) – all the fashion exhibition and catwalk shows – but… View Full Post

While I’d been planning to go to London for the events in my planner, I’d found out about this event just a week before it happened – which was on last Sunday. It was all… View Full Post