So, this post has been sitting in my draft for half a year now. I was in Portsmouth August last year, and a friend who’s studying there recommended this cafe to me. Garage Lounge was decorated… View Full Post

As promised in this entry, here is where I post and talk more about Crosstown Doughnuts. It is situated along Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London. It’s only a narrow, little cafe, yet the attraction is… View Full Post

This post takes me back to almost half a year ago, autumn only started then. I realized I haven’t blogged about this and to not talk about it seems like a waste. I mean, I… View Full Post

Whitstable is fair to say, my favourite little village that I have been to so far. Located by the seaside in Canterbury, Kent – it is really quite cosy. Dad introduced Whitstable to us as… View Full Post

I found this cafe Bread Addiction while I was in Portsmouth. So, posting this is kind of hard to not choke on my own saliva-I mean, it’s so unfair how good cafe always have to… View Full Post