Truthfully, I have never heard of Vivi Zubedi until I recently seen the highlights for New York Fashion Week, just few days before LMFW, and found out that she was one of the participated designers… View Full Post

Ria Miranda is an Indonesian designer, and while watching her ‘Senjakala’ show, I was very inspired by her traditional based designs. Though I am not an Indonesian, in Malay, ‘senja kala’ would mean ‘dusk’. That’s… View Full Post

The last label to walk down the runway for the Opening Show was the designs by Deena Alfarraj. Despite all the others’ spiritless expressions, goodness me, I was captivated. Deena Alfarraj’s dresses were exactly the… View Full Post

Though I might have heard of it, but I’ve never seen any of Till We Cover’s apparel until this year’s LMFW. The style above came out first and right there and then, I knew that… View Full Post

Aere (pronounced as Air-ree) is another well-known brand in Malaysia. I met its founder Raja Nadia Sabrina at last year’s London Modest Fashion Week, and at that time, she was just a watcher. But at… View Full Post