Here comes the event that I’ve been quite eager to talk and write about, London Modest Fashion Week! What an exciting event it was. You don’t want to know how many pictures I’ve taken solely… View Full Post

Aidijuma is another leading label in Malaysia, essentially producing their sophisticated hijabs/scarves with designs that would only make us feel convenient, while keeping ourselves stylish at the same time. My mum and I are fans… View Full Post

This model was the first to come out, wearing the design by Jenahara Nasution and it got people jumped up on their seats. Very powerful, indeed. Jenahara Nasution is an Indonesian designer. For her latest… View Full Post

Ria Miranda is an Indonesian designer, and while watching her ‘Senjakala’ show, I was very inspired by her traditional based designs. Though I am not an Indonesian, in Malay, ‘senja kala’ would mean ‘dusk’. That’s… View Full Post

The last label to walk down the runway for the Opening Show was the designs by Deena Alfarraj. Despite all the others’ spiritless expressions, goodness me, I was captivated. Deena Alfarraj’s dresses were exactly the… View Full Post