Trip To // Brockhole, Lake District


Continuing from this post, we’ve finally come to the last part of my summer trip 2018 to the Lake District.

Above is my favourite picture from the trip. We were on our way to our next destination, Brockhole on Windermere. The sight was breathtaking and again, my picture couldn’t do the justice. But in my opinion, this image sums up Lake District.

So, after we’ve had our fun in Aira Force, Dad drove us to Brockhole – a visitor centre that offers plenty of activities for adults and kids.

I could already felt the excitement as we’ve arrived. Upon the entrance, the Tree Top Trek was first to be seen, as it was near the car park.

There were lots of activities to choose from kayak tours, laser clay hunting, archery, zip-lining from the treetop trek and many more.

And the activity that I’ve made appointment for (the one that I’ve mentioned in previous posts of the trip) was archery!

Archery is one of my favourite sports, despite the lack of practices. I’d get excited every time I hold the bow in my hands. Sad to say that I couldn’t find a training place for it in my local town (the closest to me is about forty minutes away). So, when I found out about archery being one of the activities in Brockhole, I just had to book it. The price for an hour was £11. And we had an instructor guiding us during the session.

William Gaddum and Edith Potter (cousin of the famous writer and illustrator, Beatrix Potter) used to live in the house above for almost 50 years. I didn’t get to make a proper visit of the house as the park was near its closing time, but it was beautiful from afar.

Even though it was a short visit, we had a really fun time at the park. I’ll be looking forward to visit it again in the near future. Perhaps, I’ll be involving in some water activities next time (to conquer my fear).

So, that was all from my summer trip 2018. I’m definitely missing it right now. Well, until next time, Lake District.

Just one question, how would you like to live in Lake District?

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May you have happy thoughts always,

LFW // Minki SS19

Minki is a collection of designs by Minki Cheng, a graduate from Central Saint Martin. He was born in Hong Kong, and is known for his imaginative of mixing fabrics and textures together.

Below images were taken by me during his presentation for the spring and summer 2019 collection.

The collection was aesthetically colourful, and it gave me a strong retro-vibe with all the stripes and skirts. I especially like the jumper and the dresses. Although the background setting was slightly weird, I honestly enjoyed looking at and taking pictures of every pieces.

So, what do you think of the collection?

Thank you for reading!

May you have happy thoughts always,

London Fashion Week 09/18


You might be wondering if there’s a typo in my title, but no, this post is indeed about London Fashion Week that happened almost a year ago.

The thing is, with what happened in my blog (long story short, I’ve unfortunately lost ALL of my previous posts), I can’t recall if I’d written this post yet or not. Honestly, I can’t remember anything this day. Maybe I am getting old.

Anyway, if I’d written about this event previously, I thought I should just restore it here again as my first fashion post in this blog. A year back is probably the maximum I should recap for fashion related. Longer than that would be unnecessary, wouldn’t it?

I’d received about three invitations for that season, but because I was unwell at the time, I only managed to go to one event (due to different days and places).

The only one that I went to was Minki, by the designer Minki Cheng. It was on Sunday, 16th September 2018. You may look at more pictures that I took during the presentation of his SS19 collection, here (just had to make a post of its own).

After Minki’s presentation, I headed down to Dover Street while Victoria Beckham’s show was going on at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac – next to her flagship store. I had nothing to do at the time, so I went there to hunt for some street fashion.

Not long after, David Beckham and his children came out. But due to my fangirling shock (shamelessly had to admit), my pictures of them turned out very disappointingly blurry. Oh, well.

I used to cut out Victoria Beckham’s outfits and styles from the magazines back then. I adored her fashion sense, but I had to say, my favouritism towards her upon seeing her in real life for the first time that day had been totally revised. Personality wise, she’s not as admirable as I wanted to think of her. Sadly. Fashion wise though, she’s still there amongst my favourites. Her minimalist style had always won me over.

I’ve had few hours left while waiting for Dad to pick me up, so I walked towards Regent’s Street. Every time I saw Burberry flagship store, I just had to make a visit. It is my favourite brand after all.

At that time, the store was having a newly re-imagined concept and I remember having an unsure thoughts about the new logo and designs, as Riccardo Tisci became the new creative director of Burberry. He had seem to be making a whole lot of changes to the brand, but I was yet to see more of his collection then.

The store at the time was also having an installation by a British artist, Graham Hudson called Sisyphus Reclined – an architectural scaffold in the middle of the store, towering up to three stories nearly reaching up the ceiling.

Above picture was me at the top of the scaffold, standing at the centre of 80 (yes, eighty) cameras that could capture me in 3D and be made into a Styrofoam sculpture by a robot on the ground level.

Despite my fever, I had a great time touring around the “new” store thanks to one of the staff, Alex.

My OOTD: White shirt from Muji, Checkered palazzo pants from Yesstyle, black coat (mine is called masculine and seems to be out of stock) from Zara, shoes from Converse.

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Trip To // Aira Force, Lake District


Continuing from the first day of our short summer trip to Lake District here, I woke up the next day feeling energetic because we were about to have quite an active day!

First activity of the day was visiting most probably the famous waterfall in Lake District, Aira Force.

I didn’t know about Aira Force at first, until after I booked our Travelodge and searched for ‘what to do in Penrith’ and saw the waterfall being only 15 minutes away from where we were staying. So, it’s only right to include it in the schedule.

Despite being Monday, but because it was still during a school holiday, the place was pretty full.

There were few trails available to choose for different walks, but since we had quite a limited time (because I’ve already made an appointment for our next activity) so we chose the normal hike to the Waterfall Bridge. It took us about less than half an hour (it could have been even more less because we might have diverted our track from time to time just to take in all the sights).

The walking path was ok for us, though I think people with vertigo should be warned as they’d probably find it a bit hard to go through especially nearest uphill.

From the Waterfall Bridge, we could see a flight of stairs far across – where we could see a perfect view of the waterfall as you can see in the pictures below.

The beauty of the nature was indeed beautiful, I don’t think any of my pictures could do the justice.

We saw trunk of trees with coins being stuck in them along the path. They’re called wishing trees; supposedly bring a good luck to the people who stick a coin in them.

The water was quite cold, but nice for dipping feet. Kids and dogs did seem to enjoy the water most.

I don’t want to be lazy, but I just had to copy and paste the caption to the above picture that I posted on my Instagram a year ago, because I said it all there: “I didn’t wear foundation or any make up on this day, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! For the past 13 years, going out of the house without at least foundation on my face was a terrifying thing to do (if you have or ever had acne and blemishes, you’d know the feeling). I was so insecure (still am) of my face. But I’ve never given up on it. And nowadays, all the aunties been asking me what I’ve done to my face, how did I get it spotless and cleaned – which only means I can now eat more chocolatesss. 😋”

My sister and I went to check out the shop (at the main entrance) before we got back to the car. We bought a tin of shortbread, chocolate and some postcards as a souvenir.

Thank you for reading this post!

May you have happy thoughts always, Ain xx

P.S Since this post is getting long, I’ll post the last part of our trip in the next entry.

Trip To // Buttermere, Lake District


Wow, I’m honestly feeling a little bit overwhelmed right now since I haven’t been writing in a while. If you’re one of my readers and has been wondering where I’ve been, please read this post, thank you.

Anyway, it feels good to be back and writing on the blog again!

I’m not sure at first which event I should dedicate this comeback entry to, but after a long scan through the list (of drafts), I think my summer last year’s trip to Lake District most absolutely deserved to be the content of this post. I’ve left it untold for a year (not my longest abandonment in my history of drafts, but still) and there are pictures that I’ve been wanting to show off because Lake District could never disappoint.


So, this was the summer trip my family and I had around mid August last year. The weather was just lovely with a bit of breeze. After we’ve checked in at a Travelodge in Penrith, Dad continued to drive us to Buttermere. We’ve never been to the north-west end side of Lake District and Buttermere sounds nice (got to admit I actually point on the map based on the name sometimes).


Along the way, we saw a breathtaking view – well, this is not really a surprise when you’re in the area, but because there was actually parking spaces for us to stop and take pictures, we obviously just had to make a stop.


And after a bit more of driving, we’ve finally found Butteremere.

There’s no word for it other than beautiful.

If you’ve ever read any of my previous posts on Lake District, you would know how in love I am with the place. My eyes, my soul and my whole spirit always feel so refreshed whenever I visited any part of Lake District.

Geography studies; Lake District is actually quite a chunky scale of region. From the north to the south lakes would take you around 1 hour and 45 minutes driving. The roads are usually narrow and mostly surrounded by houses, scenery and lakes (quite obviously).

So that was it for the first day.

I’ll have the second day of our trip up soon! Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you.

My outfits: top & tracksuits from Boohoo, trainers Bandit 3 from Under Armour

May you have happy thoughts always, Ain xx