I don’t live in London but the moment I got the chance to go to London, I’d jumped onto it. So now, most of my friends and followers on Instagram thought I do live in… View Full Post

    I found out about this cafe last year and two months ago, I took my sister for a stroll along Carnaby Street in London and we stopped by to check the cafe out.… View Full Post

Finally, here I am writing this long overdue post of the second and final day of London Modest Fashion Week 2018.         After Edeline Lee’s presentation that Sunday morning, my sister and I… View Full Post

Here comes the event that I’ve been quite eager to talk and write about, London Modest Fashion Week! What an exciting event it was. You don’t want to know how many pictures I’ve taken solely… View Full Post

Hello, I’ve been thinking about how this is the hardest comeback that I’m about to make, but nevertheless, here I am. All typing and (almost) happy again. Talking about happy though, I hope everyone’s been… View Full Post