On the 25th of last month, I turned 27. Blimey, am I really 27 years old now (it’s still hard to believe, the fact that I’m now in my late twenties)? It’s just hard to… View Full Post

I used to go to London quite often early this year, but sadly, not anymore these days (I know complaining wouldn’t make my life less suck, but my life is pretty suck at the moment).… View Full Post

As promised in this entry, here is where I post and talk more about Crosstown Doughnuts. It is situated along Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London. It’s only a narrow, little cafe, yet the attraction is… View Full Post

This post takes me back to almost half a year ago, autumn only started then. I realized I haven’t blogged about this and to not talk about it seems like a waste. I mean, I… View Full Post

While I’d been planning to go to London for the events in my planner, I’d found out about this event just a week before it happened – which was on last Sunday. It was all… View Full Post