Dear C, I’ll not hide the fact that I am smitten by your look (and your bad boy vibe, though you weren’t supposed to know this). Your personalities aren’t always great in my eyes (that… View Full Post

Dear M, Time after time I’d still think, where did we go wrong? Was it you to blame? Or was it me? The thing is, long distance relationship isn’t easy and we both know that.… View Full Post

Dear H, I’ve liked you as soon as I first laid my eyes on you. They say it was love at first sight. I think it was just your dimples. I was beyond attracted to… View Full Post

Dear you, Knowing that there is someone who actually likes me for who I am, who thinks I am beautiful no matter what I look like, and who compliments me when I need to hear… View Full Post

Dear Tok Nab, Have you been well? Don’t miss us too much. We’ll visit you soon. I wish I’d still say those things to you. The day we received that fateful news, I’d fell and… View Full Post